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Research Matters

Science is at the foundation of our work. And is the reason we fund the brightest minds and the best urology research - research that leads to better treatments and improved quality of life.

We realize advancements in urologic care and disease would not exist without research. This is why we fund all stages of the process, starting from understanding the basic biology of a disease to developing new treatment and prevention methods.

Advancing Urology

Our aim is to bring the science to life and improve lives. Research is a long and costly process; one that can take 15 years and more than $2.5 billion to develop a treatment ready for patient use. And while the time and money invested seems sizeable, we recognize the outcomes are remarkable.


Why Support the Urology Care Foundation

Hear from our first research scholar, Larry Lipshultz, MD.

Partnerships to Advance Urology Research

Become an Advocate

Growing the overall impact that research has to improve the lives of patients takes strong collaboration and partnerships. The Foundation has teamed up with Chesapeake Urology Associates (CUA) to further advance prostate cancer care through research. ...more

Bringing Hope to those with ED after Prostate Cancer Surgery

Sponsorship and Advertising

By funding research scholars like Trinity J. Bivalacqua, M.D, Ph.D. the Urology Care Foundation has brought major support to new treatments that improve patients' lives. Since funding our first research scholar in 1975, we've seen results that impact patients and their loved ones in a positive way. ...more

Funding Answers

The Foundation's research has played a role in nearly every urology breakthrough in recent history.

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For Researchers

Mentored research training awards for young investigators.

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