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The Urology Care Foundation Celebrates Bladder Health Awareness Month

This November, the Urology Care Foundation is taking time to focus on helping people find resources and take control of their bladder health! Many people do not talk about their bladder health issues with their doctor because they are too embarrassed, but many bladder conditions can be treated through simple lifestyle changes, like changing your diet and exercise. The first step to feeling better is to learn as much as you can. To support this goal, each week of this month, the Urology Care Foundation will highlight bladder conditions that affect Americans and share health tips on how to talk about them with your doctor.

• Week 1: Interstitial Cystitis, Neurogenic Bladder & Bladder Infection/UTI

• Week 2: Bladder Cancer

• Week 3: Incontinence, OAB & SUI

• Week 4: Bedwetting, Nocturia, Bladder Exstrophy & Other Bladder Conditions/Diseases

Follow #BladdersMatter on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook during the month of November!

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