Urology Health - Summer 2022


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Mother Shares Story of Caring for Child with Bladder Exstrophy

When Pamela Artigas chose to adopt her daughter from China in 2010, she knew the four-year-old had a rare condition called bladder exstrophy. The pediatric urologist she went to told her what health care was needed and what her daughter’s life would be like. Now, as President and Executive Vice President of the Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community, Pamela helps other parents whose children have the same health issues as her daughter.…more

Living Healthy: Get Healthy This Summer!

When you take conscious, mindful steps to create healthy habits – you’ll feel good. Research continues to show that certain things (you know what they are!) help us feel healthy, more energized and ready to have fun. The same habits also keep the urologic system working well now and into the future.…more

Insights: Fighting Kidney Stones with Food

You may not know what type of stone you have. But, changing your diet and taking certain medications have been shown to be the best in stopping a stone from forming in the first place and keeping you from getting another one in the future.…more

Ask the Experts: What Should I Know About Traveling with Kidney Stones?

If you have a history of kidney stones, especially if you have them often, talk to your doctor before you make a long trip. Half of all people who get a stone will get another one. Based on the type of stones you have had, your current health issues, age and nutrition needs, your doctor can give you tips to prevent stones.…more