Urology Health - Let's Talk About Infertility and Home Sperm Testing with Dr. Ali Dabaja


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Let's Talk About Infertility and Home Sperm Testing with Dr. Ali Dabaja

Headshot of Dr. Ali Dabaja

Dr. Ali Dabaja is with us to talk about home sperm testing. He details what home sperm testing is and how it can be used for infertility. The goal of this podcast episode is to bring awareness to these home sperm testing kits so more people know they have access to these resources.

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section:
0:37 - Dr. Dabaja Introduction
1:04 - What is home sperm testing?
1:48 - When did home sperm testing become popular and what are its benefits?
2:52 - How accurate are these tests?
3:50 - Where can you get a home test?
4:55 - Who is a good candidate for these tests?
6:15 - Should you talk to a doctor about the results?
7:19 - When should these home tests be used?
8:05 - What is most important for patients to know about home sperm testing?
8:45 - Final thoughts

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April 7, 2022

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