Urology Health - WEBINAR: Women's Health in Urology with Dr. Rena Malik and Dr. Fenwa Milhouse


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WEBINAR: Women's Health in Urology with Dr. Rena Malik and Dr. Fenwa Milhouse

Headshots of Dr. Rena Malik and Dr. Fenwa Milhouse

Our two guests, Dr. Rena Malik and Dr. Fenwa Milhouse, joined us during a live webinar to talk about Women's Health in Urology. Enjoy this engaging conversation where Dr. Malik and Dr. Milhouse share their thoughts on this topic in hopes that women will find more comfort in talking about their health.

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section:
2:00 - Introductions
3:36 - Common female urologic conditions
8:45 - Why is it hard for some female urologic conditions to be diagnosed?
14:15 - What can women do when they don't feel heard by their doctor?
17:03 - How can women advocate for themselves when it comes to their health?
20:21 - Common misconceptions about women's health on social media
23:15 - How to find accurate info on social media?
27:35 - How can we normalize talking about women's health in urology?
30:23 - Q & A
36:42 - Final Thoughts

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May 6, 2022

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