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Urology Mythbusters: Truth vs. Myth with Dr. Lori Lerner and Dr. Arthur Burnett

Headshots of Dr. Lori Lerner and Dr. Arthur Burnett.

We have two guests with us to talk urology mythbusters. Dr. Lori Lerner is an Associate Professor of Urology at Boston University and works as the Section Chief of Urology and Deputy Chief of Surgery at the Veteran's Affairs Boston Healthcare System. Dr. Arthur Burnett is a faculty member at John's Hopkins University School of Medicine, and is the Director of the Sexual Medicine and Urologic Reconstructive Fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Want to know the truth behind these urologic mythbusters? Listen along and put your knowledge to the test!

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section:
0:56 - Introductions
2:09 - Myth 1: You can catch something by sitting on a public toilet
3:53 - Myth 2: Dark yellow urine means a person is dehydrated
5:39 - Myth 3: Infertility is more common in women than in men
9:47 - Myth 4: Erectile dysfunction is super common and highly treatable
17:37 - Myth 5: Getting up at night a lot to pass urine is a sign of a large prostate
24:52 - Myth 6: The only way to enhance men's sexual health is through testosterone therapy
29:20 - Final thoughts

Check out Dr. Arthur Burnett's book here: "The Manhood Rx: Every Man's Guide to Improving Sexual Health and Overall Wellness"

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February 2, 2023

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