Urology Health - Bladder Cancer Caregivers – Caring for Sexual Health with Dr. Daniela Wittmann


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Bladder Cancer Caregivers – Caring for Sexual Health with Dr. Daniela Wittmann

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This podcast is part of the Bladder Cancer Caregivers Podcast series, a series to help provide more understanding and guidance for people impacted by bladder cancer, to include friends, family and caregivers. Our guest is Dr. Daniela Wittmann, an Associate Professor in the Department of Urology at the University of Michigan and a certified sex therapist and sex therapy supervisor. The goal of this podcast is to provide perspective for patients and caregivers on sexual recovery after cancer treatment.

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section:
0:58 - Introduction
1:25 - How does a sexual health expert work with caregivers (i.e. partners & spouses)?
2:42 - Effect of cancer treatment on sexual health and intimacy
5:49 - Common concerns about sexual health from people living with bladder cancer
6:52 - How can a person’s background and age impact sexual health?
9:12 - How can a sexual health therapist help people living with bladder cancer feel ready to seek help?
11:00 - General thoughts about sexual health and bladder cancer treatment
13:27 - Next steps for people living with bladder cancer and their partner seeking treatment
14:31 - Final thoughts

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April 20, 2023

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