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National Nutrition Month - Recipes for Urologic Health

National Nutrition Month - Recipes for Urologic Health

Posted on: 08 Mar 2024

Two Urology Care Foundation Cookbooks.

March is National Nutrition Month and part of managing any urologic condition or disease includes a healthy diet and lifestyle. A plan for healthy living can help support you in making healthy behaviors a part of your life. If you need, start small and build from there. Reach out to your care team. They can also help you develop a plan.

Here are some living healthy basics you can apply:

Stay Hydrated - Your body needs a certain amount of liquid to function well. This is called hydration. Water, fruits, vegetables, smoothies, some soups, decaffeinated tea and unsweetened drinks are some examples for how to keep hydrated.

Eat Healthy - Food provides your body with energy to function. When choosing foods, try reaching for whole fruits, vegetables, legumes (like peas or beans) and other low-calorie options. Consider eating whole grains instead of refined grains. For example, choose whole-grain bread, pasta and cereal instead of refined foods like pastries, white rice or sugary cereals.

Commit to Exercise - A doctor-approved workout may strengthen your body, improve your hormone levels and the way your immune systems works. Even a little exercise to keep active may make a difference.

Stop Tobacco Use - Tobacco can cause cancer. There are benefits to stopping tobacco use at any age. Talk to your health care provider if you are having trouble quitting the use of tobacco.

It can be hard to change the way we eat. But changes to diet may bring great benefits. It can help with things like preventing kidney stones and lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Check out these two cookbooks to learn more about how you can adapt healthy choices into your daily life:

Living Healthy Cookbook with Information about Urologic Cancers

Living Healthy: Fight Kidney Stones with Food Cookbook


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