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Learn about Kidney Lumps n' Bumps

Learn about Kidney Lumps n' Bumps

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

Stack of stones by water with sunset.

During National Kidney Month, the Urology Care Foundation is bringing light to many different types of kidney conditions and disease. 

Any kind of lump or bump found on our bodies can cause us to worry. But what about when that lump or bump is in our body, on our kidney for example? This can cause worry, too, but we have lots of resources around kidney health that may be of value to your health journey.

Our latest issue of UrologyHealth extra is all about kidney lumps n' bumps. What exactly does that mean? It means we cover topics around kidney cancer, kidney cysts and kidney stones. The focus of our feature article breaks down the basic details to know about kidney cancer, cysts and stones, so you can be more informed if you or someone you know finds out they have this type of lump or bump. Some of the other topics we explore are foods and drinks for kidney health, the purpose of the kidneys and a touching story about a man who donated his kidney to his brother.

Check out our winter 2023 UrologyHealth extra® issue now!

Looking for details on other types of kidney issues? Check out our library of kidney health resources here.

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