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Urologists Share Their Passion for Changing Lives Around the World

Urologists Share Their Passion for Changing Lives Around the World

Posted on: 10 Nov 2023

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The Urology Care Foundation Humanitarian Grant Program supports individuals and organizations who provide direct urologic patient care for underserved populations, either in the U.S. or across the world. The work these doctors do across the world helps the lives of patients and their families. This includes giving details about a certain condition or disease, doing surgery, helping to donate supplies, just to name a few.

We recently sat down with two of the 2023 Humanitarian Grant Program recipients, Dr. Rajiv K. Singal and Dr. Dana Weiss, to talk about their passion for helping bring care to others.

Here are two quotes from this talk:

“My work overseas really is an extension of the work that I've done in my career. I think a big part of what we do as specialists is advocacy. We manage disease, but so much of it is understanding what brings a patient to see us, how that disease process may have advanced depending on what kind of social and economic supports they may have at home. I've always wanted to take some of that experience overseas.” – Rajiv K Singal MD, FRCSC

“The grant that I received from the UCF will aid in my mission to optimize the care of patients with bladder exstrophy, not only in the U.S., but in India as well and then now even around the rest of the world because people are traveling not just from other parts of India but even from Africa as well for their care.” – Dana Weiss, MD

Listen to the full podcast or watch the full video on YouTube with Dr. Rajiv K. Singal and Dr. Dana Weiss.

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