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The Question “How are you?” – Mental Health and Urology

The Question “How are you?” – Mental Health and Urology

Posted on: 06 Jan 2023

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The question “How are you?” is so common, it can feel like it has lost all meaning. When you call someone on the phone, pass by someone on the street, speak with a coworker, the typical question you hear is “Hello, how are you?” And the typical response goes something like “I’m good, how are you?”

For many people this is the polite thing to do, but how often do we give an honest answer? It can feel like a burden to tell someone truly how you are, especially if you are not doing well. But it is of great value to find people you can trust with sharing your feelings. Our daily lives are filled with a balance of many things such as work, spending time with friends and family and keeping up one’s health.

Let’s pause for a moment. Keeping up one’s health. What does that mean? What does that include? Physical health can include having a well-balanced diet, working out a few days a week and getting enough sleep. But there is also mental health. Life can get busy and stressful just by trying to balance all we have going on. Finding time to take care of your own health can seem impossible sometimes. If you have a health issue such as a urologic condition or disease, your mental health may get a little rocky.

Anxiety and depression with a urologic condition or disease may be common, but know that there are ways you can find support and feel better. There is a lot involved with health issues and having a good support system is a great place to start. Your support system can include friends and family or even an outside support group of people going through the same things in life. Talk to a friend, family member, your doctor or a trusted professional such as a mental health counselor to help you cope with these changes in your life. You are stronger than you think and there are resources to help you get through your health struggles day by day.

The next time someone asks “How are you?” try to give an honest answer. Tell them how you are, really. You may be surprised at who will sit, listen and provide support.

To learn more about mental health and urology, check out this podcast with Heather Honoré Goltz, PhD, LCSW, MEd, MPH and Samuel L. Washington III, MD MAS.

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