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So, You Want to Talk Kidney Health?

So, You Want to Talk Kidney Health?

Posted on: 03 Mar 2023

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Caring about your health means making positive changes in your daily routine. Our kidneys do a lot for our bodies, so let’s learn some of the basics together.

What are the kidneys? Well, kidneys are fist-size organs that handle the body’s fluid and chemical levels. Pretty cool, right?

Kidneys act as a filter and work to keep our bodies healthy. Here are some things your kidneys help to do:

  • Detoxify (clean our blood)
  • Balance fluids
  • Maintain electrolyte levels (e.g., sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, acid)
  • Remove waste (as urine)

Hormones are also of value to keep our bodies healthy. The kidneys make hormones that helps to:

  • Keep blood pressure stable
  • Make red blood cells
  • Make bones stay strong

Talk with your doctor about how to take care of your kidneys. The Urology Care Foundation has online resources on both kidney stones and kidney cancer to help support your kidney health! Check out our Kidney Health Resource Center to learn more!

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