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2023 CareBlog Posts

Warm Quinoa & Berry Breakfast Bowl Recipe

By: | Posted on: 27 Jan 2023

These whole-grain breakfast bowls can help fill you up and are super quick to make. Quinoa can also serve as a gluten-free alternative to oatmeal or cereal.…more

The Secret is Out…. We All Poop! Learn the Basics About Constipation and Urine Control

By: | Posted on: 20 Jan 2023

Constipation happens when you go too long without having a bowel movement. There are many causes of constipation. Knowing the cause of your constipation can help find ways to prevent it. and many things that can help maintain healthy bowel habits to prevent constipation.…more

Learn about Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) for Prostate Cancer

By: | Posted on: 13 Jan 2023

Hormonal Therapy or Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) is a treatment option usually given together with another therapy for men who choose radiation or men with advanced disease. ADT works by starving prostate cancer cells of testosterone to slow cancer growth. By learning more about ADT for prostate cancer, you may feel more ready to talk with your doctor.…more

The Question “How are you?” – Mental Health and Urology

By: | Posted on: 06 Jan 2023

Anxiety and depression with a urologic condition or disease may be common, but know that there are ways you can find support and feel better. There is a lot involved with health issues and having a good support system is a great place to start. Talk to a friend, family member, your doctor or a trusted professional such as a mental health counselor to help you cope with these changes in life.…more

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