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The Smile Under the Mask

The Smile Under the Mask

Posted on: 25 Mar 2022

Woman pulling down face mask and smiling.

It is no secret that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the one thing we had to get used to was wearing masks. It became the norm to hear the phrase “Got your mask?” as you are walking out the door for work, to run errands or even to meet up with some friends. Some people came to like the idea of wearing a mask in public to avoid that somewhat awkward smile and say hello encounter while passing by a stranger.

As the pandemic went on much longer than we all thought, it became clear that people were starting to miss that human interaction. The feeling from a simple smile was no longer there and we all just wanted a simple, yet safe, way to feel connected to others. There is a phrase that says a simple smile can make someone’s day and that seems to be true now more than ever.

In a recent Urology Care podcast episode, Pheochromocytoma survivor, Michael Campbell, reunites with one of the doctors involved in saving his life through surgery, Dr. Ben Ristau. Before the podcast started recording via Zoom, Michael said this was the first time he had seen Dr. Ristau’s entire face. Every time he had met Dr. Ristau in person, it had been with a mask on his face. This was the first time they were able to give each other a proper smile. For Michael, this smile was one of gratitude, of thanks to Dr. Ristau for helping to save his life. For Dr. Ristau, this smile was one of joy to see his patient doing well on the other side of recovery.

As we move forward, even with COVID-19 still among us, take a moment to look up and smile at someone. You never know how much it could mean to them.

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