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NEW Adult Gender Health Resources Now Available

NEW Adult Gender Health Resources Now Available

Posted on: 23 Sep 2022

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When it comes to health, every person deserves to have access to free resources to help them learn more. The Urology Care Foundation has created a series of five fact sheets on Adult Gender to provide patients and caregivers with information to help better guide and support them in their health.

It is of great value to talk with your doctor about your health and the goals you have for your life so they can help you make the best decision for you and your family. These fact sheets were created to help patients learn more about what they are feeling and the options they have moving forward. These fact sheets also help a patient’s loved ones better understand what they may be going through so they can best support them.

The five fact sheets included in this series are:

Adult Gender

Adult Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Adult Feminizing Gender-Affirming Surgery

Adult Masculinizing Gender-Affirming Surgery

Fertility Preservation and Gender Diverse Parenthood

These fact sheets are also available in Spanish:

El género en los adultos (Adult Gender)

Sexualidad y diversidad de género en los adultos (Adult Sexualy and Gender Diversity)

Cirugía de reafirmación de género feminizante (Adult Feminizing Gender-Affirming Surgery)

Cirugía de reafirmación de género masculinizante (Adult Masculizing Gender-Affirming Surgery)

Preservación de la fertilidad y concepción en personas de género diverso (Fertility Preservation and Gender Diverse Parenthood)

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