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Let's Talk Bladder Health!

Let's Talk Bladder Health!

Posted on: 04 Nov 2022

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November is Bladder Health Awareness Month, a time to help people learn and talk about their bladder health. There are many bladder conditions, such as incontinence, overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis and urinary tract infections, just to name a few. People may feel too shy to talk about their bladder health issues with their doctor. But many of these bladder conditions can be treated through things like changing your diet and exercise.

The first step toward any health change is to learn as much as you can. Our Bladder Health Info Center is a great place to learn more. Each week of the month there will be new resources on some common bladder health conditions. These details can help you feel more at ease talking with a doctor. If you are looking for a doctor near you, check out our Find-a-Urologist tool to get started.

Don’t’ delay! Take control of your bladder health today!

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