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Latino Men’s Health: 3 Options to Learn about Staying Healthy

Latino Men’s Health: 3 Options to Learn about Staying Healthy

Posted on: 16 Sep 2022

Group of Latino men walking down the street.

For all men, it is of great value to learn the best ways to stay healthy. But, did you know Latino men are at higher risk for many health issues? Knowing when to see a doctor may help you be more aware of your health. Many screenings and checkups can be planned, so it is good to know why you need them and how often to have them.

New English and Spanish resources are now available to help support Latino men’s health with three options - a podcast, a fact sheet and a poster.

1. Podcast: Latino Men's Health with Dr. Humberto Villarreal

Dr. Humberto Villarreal talks about what Latino men should know so they can better understand how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Listen to Dr. Villarreal now.

2. Fact Sheet: Men's Checklist - What Latino Men Should Know

If you are a Latino man and want to stay healthy, this fact sheet may help you make your own list to keep your health in check. This checklist is available in both English and Spanish.

3. Poster: Health Screenings Every Latino Man Should Know

Learn about the basic health numbers and screenings to help Latino men keep their health in check! Start your checklist with this free poster, available in both English and Spanish.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the U.S. from September 15 to October 15. Take steps to learn more by downloading these tools for your own use, or sharing them with your loved ones. Let’s spread awareness about the value of good health, good company and good culture.

For more free resources available in Spanish, check out our Spanish Resource Center.

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