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Bladder Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series

Bladder Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series

Posted on: 23 Nov 2022

We are proud to announce a new podcast series for bladder cancer caregivers. The goal of this “Bladder Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series” is to help provide more understanding, support, hope and guidance for people impacted by bladder cancer, to include friends, family and caregivers.

This podcast series will include five podcasts, each with a focus on bladder cancer caregiver topics from the views of a survivor, caregiver and doctors.  Listeners may reflect on how these stories may relate to their own lives.

The first podcast in this series is out now. Check back next April for the rest of the podcasts in this series.

Bladder Cancer Caregivers - Self-Care with Survivor, Frank Sloan, PhD

Bladder cancer survivor, Dr. Frank Sloan, speaks openly about his journey, emotions, support and strategies of bladder cancer as a way to showcase one's self-care. The goal of this podcast is to help patients and caregivers learn about the value of self-care and building a support system from the story of a bladder cancer survivor. Listen to Dr. Frank Sloan now.

Our hope is that through these shared stories, other patients and caregivers may feel a sense of support as they learn to find hope along their journey.

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