AUA Summit - Ureteral Stents - What You Should Know


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Ureteral Stents - What You Should Know

Ureteral Stents - What You Should Know

Posted on: 26 Apr 2021

Kidney stones can be quite common and you may have heard of or even dealt with them before. What may not be so common is how to treat kidney stones and what those treatments involve. Surgery is one treatment option for kidney stones. Ureteral stents may be used if you and your doctor choose surgery.

A ureteral stent is a plastic, flexible, hollow tube that helps the kidney drain urine after surgery for kidney stones. If your doctor thinks the urine might not drain well after this surgery, a stent may be suggested.

Our fact sheet and video may help you learn more about ureteral stents so you know what to expect. Learn about stents, how they feel, how they are removed, what’s normal and when to call a doctor if you feel concerned.

For more details on ureteral stents as a treatment for kidney stones, check out the video and fact sheet below.

Ureteral Stent Video

Ureteral Stent Fact Sheet