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Take Control of Your Bladder Health

Take Control of Your Bladder Health

Posted on: 05 Nov 2021

Animated bladder holding weights.

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month! When was the last time you thought about your bladder? Maybe it was after you drank an entire bottle of water before your drive home and now you’re stuck in traffic. Or maybe it was the end of a long day and you realized you haven’t gone to the bathroom all day. While these daily thoughts about our bladder may pop up from time to time, our overall bladder health may not be top of mind, unless there is a problem. This month acts as a reminder to get the facts about bladder health conditions and take control in caring for your bladder health.

Each year, millions of men and women struggle with the symptoms related to bladder health conditions or disease. That’s why we have created a Bladder Health Info Center where you can find many free bladder health resources.

We want to connect, educate and inspire women and men across the country to get the facts, get diagnosed and take control of their Bladder Health.

For all of our free downloadable patient education materials on Bladder Health, click here.

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