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Posted on: 29 Dec 2021

Happy New Year sign with confetti.

When it comes to a new year, many people are thinking about the new goals they want to set to live a healthier life. It is not uncommon for those goals to last a few weeks before people fall back into their busy lives and old habits. This year, why not strive to make those goals last past January? Your health is of great value and there are many things you can do to maintain a healthy life all year round.

Start by setting up small goals you know you can complete. Want to be more active? Maybe try setting a goal to workout once per week instead of five days per week and build upon that small goal. Or maybe try going for a 10 minute walk a few days a week. These small goals may not feel like much, but they may help set you up for success in your health journey.

Looking to learn more about your health to support your goals next year? The Urology Care Foundation has many resources to help support you and your urologic health.

Download our latest resources for fact sheets, patient guides, posters and videos.

Listen to The Urology Care Podcast for all things urology health.

Read our UrologyHealth extra® patient magazine for hot topics in urology.

It's never too late to start working on your urologic or overall health! Happy New Year!

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