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Check Out the New African American Men’s Health Checklist

Check Out the New African American Men’s Health Checklist

Posted on: 25 Feb 2021

An African American man wearing a surgical mask talking to a doctor about health screenings.

Did you know African American men are at higher risk for many health issues?

We strive to provide educational information that is inclusive, helping people make the best health choices for themselves and their family. In support of Black History Month, we have created a poster with an African American Men’s Health Checklist to help outline what African American men should know to stay healthy. It serves as an easy guide for checkups and screenings, their purpose, and their timeline.

Staying on top of routine health checkups and screenings can be hard enough within busy day-to-day life. But, African American men fall into a high-risk group for health concerns, such as prostate cancer, high blood pressure and obesity, so it is of great value to check for these concerns on a routine basis.

As well as showing key timelines, this free download also reviews health numbers that can be helpful when talking with your doctor(s) about the best health plan for you. One of the top three cancers for men is prostate cancer, which will affect about 30,000 African American men this year. This checklist gives easy access just by downloading to your phone for your own use, or sharing with your loved ones. Knowing about high risks and being proactive may help you in taking steps toward leading a healthy life.

Check out our free Health Screenings Every African American Man Should Know poster to learn about the basic health numbers and screenings to help African American men keep their health in check!