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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Through Good Food and Health!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Through Good Food and Health!

Posted on: 01 Oct 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 - October 15

Americans have enjoyed tasty foods from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and Latin America for decades. Tacos are now more popular in America than hotdogs! Latin music, dance, festivals, sports and the Spanish language are part of our American image. These traditions are part of a healthy life.

In the U.S., the second largest group of people are Hispanic. We honor and celebrate this culture in the U.S. from September 15 to October 15 during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Some health concerns for Hispanics may include diabetes and chronic liver and kidney disease. The highest risks for these health problems come from high rates of obesity in the Hispanic community. Obesity is more common for people born in the U.S. Smoking is also a risk. Puerto Rican and Cuban males tend to smoke more than other Hispanic groups. Obesity and smoking tend to also cause many urologic problems.

Conditions like low testosterone, ED, kidney stones and prostate cancer thrive with obesity. So does heart disease, diabetes (Type II), high blood pressure and many others. Smoking is linked to bladder and kidney cancer, ED, urine leaks and infertility.

Taking steps at a younger age to prevent disease can go a long way. A great way to protect your health can start with tapping into Hispanic culture! Eating more fruits and veggies with homemade foods filled with vegetables and spices is a great start. We should eat these foods more often, and avoid boxed foods, sweets, alcohol and sweet drinks.

Another great way to protect your health is to stop smoking or vaping (or never start). Also, make cancer screening a priority. Many cancers can be caught early before it is a problem. Learning how to prevent these health conditions is key.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s celebrate with prevention. We can dance more and eat healthful Hispanic foods to enjoy life. These pleasures, plus less smoking, less obesity and more cancer screening can lead us to good health.

See below for the great materials we offer in Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese:

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