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Breast Cancer Survivor Cares for Father with Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivor Cares for Father with Prostate Cancer

Posted on: 08 Oct 2021

Headshot of breast cancer survivor, Lillie Shockney

Being a cancer survivor comes with a powerful journey. It also allows you to have a personal connection with cancer, to know what to expect and to know how to manage life moving forward. Strength comes from the support and love from people around you. For breast cancer survivor, Lillie Shockney, she knows how a patient’s quality of life can change life for better or worse. Not only is Lillie Shockney a cancer survivor and an incredible and loving daughter, she also played a huge role in caring for her father with prostate cancer.

Lillie works with other patients who have advanced cancer, acting as a nurse navigator, to guide them through their cancer journey. Her role is to make sure the patient knows their options and has the best quality of life possible. Knowing what a patient wants and needs can be tough, but for Lillie, especially when it came to her father, she had no doubt about it.

Lillie knew her father was a farmer for life and if that had been taken away from him, by means of cancer treatment and recovery, his sense of purpose would be lost. She worked with who she called a “quality of life” doctor to help bring purpose to her father’s life in his remaining years as he battled prostate cancer.

Lillie and her father’s stories are truly emotional and inspiring.

Listen to the below podcast to hear Lillie’s full telling of these stories of her father:

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