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2021 CareBlog Posts

Vasectomy Basics

By: | Posted on: 17 Jun 2021

Vasectomy is a minor surgery to block sperm from reaching the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. Vasectomy reversals are for men who have had a vasectomy and then decide they want to father a child. …more

Early-stage Prostate Cancer Basics

By: | Posted on: 11 Jun 2021

Prostate cancer is when abnormal cells form and grow in the prostate gland. Prostate cancer stays “localized” when cancer cells are found only in the prostate or even a little bit beyond it, but do not move to other parts of the body. If the cancer moves to other parts of the body, it is called “advanced” prostate cancer. …more

UrologyHealth extra® - Summer Issue 2021: Opening the Dialogue about Urologic Topics

By: | Posted on: 28 May 2021

Some urologic topics may seem tough to talk about with others or your doctor. Our latest issue of UrologyHealth extra® may help you learn more about urologic issues to start creating a dialogue around these topics. …more

Bladder Cancer Basics

By: | Posted on: 14 May 2021

The bladder is found in the pelvis and plays a large role in a person’s body by storing urine (liquid waste made by the kidneys) before it leaves the body. Each layer of the bladder is made up of many types of cells. Most bladder cancers start within the inside lining of the bladder. These resources can be used to help you learn more about bladder cancer.…more

Ureteral Stents What You Should Know

By: | Posted on: 26 Apr 2021

Our fact sheet and video may help you learn more about ureteral stents so you know what to expect. Learn about stents, how they feel, how they are removed, what’s normal and when to call a doctor if you feel concerned.…more

Prostate Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series

By: | Posted on: 02 Apr 2021

We are proud to announce a new podcast series geared toward helping give support, hope and guidance to prostate cancer caregivers. The goal of this “Prostate Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series” is to help others connect with a diverse group of people who have felt the impact of prostate cancer in their lives and empower them on their journey.…more

The Basics about Kidney Stones

By: | Posted on: 26 Mar 2021

Kidney stones, medically know as nephrolithiasis (neph-ro-lith-i-asis), is a term many people have probably heard before. You may have dealt with them first-hand, know someone who has dealt with them, or simply heard it in passing. If this is your first time learning about kidney stones, whether for yourself or caring for another…. welcome!…more

African American Men’s Health: 3 Options to Learn about Staying Healthy

By: | Posted on: 25 Feb 2021

Our patient education for African American men may help! With three options - a podcast, a fact sheet and a poster – you can learn more about health screenings, their purpose and their timeline.…more

African American Men Fighting for Prostate Cancer Awareness

By: | Posted on: 15 Feb 2021

During Black History Month, we acknowledge the courage and tenacity of famous African American prostate cancer survivors and applaud their efforts to raise awareness on a world-wide platform during their illustrious careers.…more

Valentine’s Day Getting You Down?

By: | Posted on: 10 Feb 2021

Erectile Dysfunction affects as many as 30 million men and might be a sign of cardiovascular disease…more

5 African American Medical Pioneers Who Changed Healthcare

By: | Posted on: 08 Feb 2021

In honor of Black History Month, the Urology Care Foundation would like to recognize the success of five African American trailblazers who have paved the way for better patient care. Their legacies live on as we celebrate their brave work not just in February, but all year long.…more

The Story of Dr. R. Frank Jones, MD: Medical and Civil Rights Pioneer

By: Casey Callanan | Posted on: 02 Feb 2021

Dr. Richard Francis Jones (R. Frank Jones) became interested in surgery when he was on the operating table in 1916. He spent three weeks in a surgical ward as a patient. After recovering from an inguinal hernia, he decided surgery and medicine was his calling. This would prove historic for medicine and civil rights.…more

Top Ten Urology Care Podcasts of 2020

By: Urology Care Foundation | Posted on: 06 Jan 2021

We're proud to share with you the top podcasts of last year! The Urology Care Foundation continued our role as trusted resource for your urologic patient education in 2020. As a friendly reminder, the Foundation's Urology Care Podcast was launched in 2017 while sharing the stories and facts of urology, health and education with some of the top leaders and experts in the field.…more