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Talking Prostate Cancer with Cal Ripken Jr.

Talking Prostate Cancer with Cal Ripken Jr.

By: Urology Care Foundation | Posted on: 24 Sep 2020

Today's episode of the Urology Care Podcast is a special one. Major League Baseball's ironman, Cal Ripken Jr., joins us with his personal physician, Dr. Ronald Tutrone, for a new episode that cannot be missed. 

Cal and Dr. Tutrone discuss Cal's recent prostate cancer journey. They share what men and their loved ones can learn from his story.

"I wanted to be able to tell my story and encourage other men, like me, that normally wouldn't go to the doctor until they had some sort of symptom to get your regular checkups," Cal said. "Get your regular blood work and if something does go wrong, you'll catch it early."

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and an important time of year for getting the word out to men about their prostate cancer risk. As he talks about on today's podcast, Cal was able to catch his prostate cancer early and get it treated.

"I'm cancer free and now I'm doing everything exactly the same as I did before," he said.

Earlier this month, Major League Baseball celebrated the 25th anniversary of Cal breaking Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive games played. Cal broke the streak in 1995 when he appeared in his 2131st straight game. It is considered one of the most important records in baseball.

Cal was inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 2007. He is arguably the greatest shortstop in the game's illustrious history.

In addition to the serious conversation about prostate cancer, Cal answered some fun baseball questions at the end of the interview. Cal discussed his favorite childhood baseball players and playing in the longest game in baseball history in 1981.

Despite his durability and legendary toughness, prostate cancer was still able to creep into Cal's life. Cal's story and prostate cancer journey is a strong reminder to all men, and their loved ones, about the importance of staying informed about this disease.

You can watch the video podcast below or read a transcript of Urology Care Podcast Episode 151 - Talking Prostate Cancer with Cal Ripken Jr. [pdf]. 

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