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By: Urology Care Foundation | Posted on: 26 Aug 2020

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A few years ago, Jerry* noticed that it was getting harder to urinate. This wasn't a sudden thing. It came on gradually.

He decided to make an appointment with a urologist nearby to learn what was going on. The doctor said that his prostate had enlarged, but felt that they could "wait and see" before starting treatment. Jerry was told to return in one year.

A year later, Jerry learned that his prostate had grown from 60cc to 80cc with a large median lobe.

This was about the size of a large lemon. His symptoms were getting worse. Jerry's doctor gave him some pills. The drugs made him feel loopy and they weren't helping. That's when Jerry began to do his own research online to find better options.

Through a BPH patient chat group, Jerry learned about a doctor in Chicago and a new treatment that uses steam to shrink the prostate. The treatment sounded promising, with very few downsides. His New York doctor had only done it twice.

Jerry felt he should find a doctor with more experience. After talking with a few urologists in New York, Jerry decided to fly to Chicago to work directly with a more experienced doctor. That was a great decision for him.

About one year ago, Jerry had the steam procedure done quickly and easily. There have been no negative side effects and now he proudly "pees like a 20 year-old!"

He was told the large median lobe has all but disappeared. If Jerry were to meet a man recently diagnosed with BPH, here's what he would advise:

  • First: it's important to talk about the pros and cons of each treatment option before choosing one.
  • Next: be careful of what you read online. You can learn a lot about new treatments this way, but you can also find a lot of bad information. If you find something you're curious about, ask your doctor.
  • Finally: find a doctor who's had a lot of experience with whatever procedure you're interested in. Different opinions always help. Experience and expertise always matters.

Jerry feels great now and expects to continue feeling good in the years ahead.

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*Name has been changed.

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